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About Us
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Army Library Program (ALP)

V i s i o n

To serve as a strategic knowledge management asset in support of the Army's mission and successful transformation.

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The ALP is a strategic knowledge management resource that enables the Army to gain and maintain full-spectrum knowledge superiority while concurrently facilitating education, research, training, self-development, well-being, outreach, and lifelong learning for Army soldiers, civilians, and families.

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Department of Army Library Program

The Army Librarian is responsible for the strategic planning, policy, and advocacy of the Army Library Program's worldwide network of 250 libraries and information centers. The Office of the Army Librarian is located in the HQDA Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1. The G-1 assumed proponency for the Army Library Program in 1997.

The Army Library Program's Web site is designed as the portal to the Digital Army Library Service (DALS). DALS provides access to the full spectrum of digitized and electronic information resources available through the Army Library Program, including online public access catalogs, 24/7 electronic reference services, and full text materials. This cooperative effort leverages library collections worldwide coupled with military librarian expertise and supports the Army's knowledge management and distance learning initiatives of the Army Transformation.

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